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Essex Community Management - Homeowners Association Property Managers

Buying a home is a big investment.

Homeownership frequently includes automatic membership in a homeowners association. There are rights and obligations that come with being a member of an homeowners association. The information below attempts to give you a basic understanding of what membership in an homeowners association may involve. To better understand what membership in a particular homeowners association might involve, you should review look through our Frequently Asked Questions or that homeowners associations' governing documents and consider seeking the assistance of legal counsel to answer any questions you may have.

Current Homeowners of an Association

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  • What is a homeowners' association and what is its purpose?

  • What is the Board of Directors and what do they do?

  • What are the deed restrictions and do I have to abide by them?

  • When does the association hold meetings?

  • What do my dues pay for?

  • Do I need approval to make exterior improvements to my property?

  • What if I make changes to my property without ACC approval?

  • If I get a building permit from the city, do I still need ACC approval?

  • If the ACC approves a modification for my neighbor, can I assume that the same modification will be approved for me?

  • Who do I call to report problems in the community?

New Owners or Buyers of a Home in an Association

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  • What is a homeowners association?

  • What are the governing documents of a homeowners association?

  • What services and amenities are provided by a homeowners association?

  • What obligations does a homeowners association have?

  • Am I required to be a member of a homeowners association?

  • How does membership in a homeowners association affect the ownership of my home?

  • Who is in charge of a homeowners association?

  • How does the homeowners association enforce the governing documents?

  • What happens if I do not pay my homeowners Association assessments?

  • What happens if one of the common areas in my homeowners association needs to be repaired or replaced?

  • What is the amount of assessments that I can be charged by my homeowners association?

  • Can my homeowners association restrict the types of improvements I can make to my home?

  • What types of Use Rules might affect my home?

  • As a member of a homeowners association, can I rent my home?

  • When does my homeowners association meet?

  • Can I attend the regular meetings of my homeowners association Board of Directors?

  • As a member of the association, can I obtain copies of the homeowners association records?