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Essex Community Management - About Us

Essex Community Management utilizes our experience and professional staff... provide you with the best possible competitive service. Our Community Managers will involve you in every step along the way and are knowledgeable about the particular area where your Community is located. Your Community manager will evaluate, monitor and closely oversee the management of your Community by working with maintenance crews, vendors and of course, you.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life and preserve the value of investment for each homeowner. Our Community managers have been skillfully managing homeowners associations in the North Texas area for almost two decades and are highly experienced and qualified to perform all the management and operational functions any homeowner association may ever need. Essex Community Management has the resources and the depth of understanding to resolve all the challenges any homeowners association may ever face. We offer and deliver creative solutions, clarity of vision, customized technologies and management approach, in addition to superior customer service.


Our management fees are reasonable and affordable without sacrificing service quality. We are able to offer our homeowners association clients low prices because of our low overhead, efficient and effective internal operations, and superior industry and business knowledge.


If you're looking for a professional homeowners association property management team, call or e-mail us.  Even if you already have a property management company working for your homeowners association, call or e-mail us and we'll be happy to provide a service comparison and estimate of services if you switched to Essex Community Management.

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